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The worldwide demand for rubber gloves has increased rapidly due to recent regulations on occupational safety and increase in health and hygiene awareness. During the past 20 years, many new diseases have emerged, for many of which there is no treatment, cure or vaccine, or the possibility of effective prevention or control.

The awareness of healthcare, infection control and hygiene needs will continue to drive the demand for gloves in the developed countries. Regulations have played a key role in the growing demand for rubber gloves, by making it mandatory in all types of industries and applications where hygiene, prevention of infection and prevention of cross contamination are required.

With these prospects in mind and the potential returns, the owners of Sritong Group decided to establish “HEALTHY GLOVE”


Healthy Glove is a newly established glove manufacturing company located in Lam Thap, Krabi, south of Thailand. The company is a subsidiary of Sritong Group, which has strong business background in the latex concentrate production and currently supplies it to rubber glove manufacturers in Malaysia and Thailand and some manufacturers in China and Europe. The group is also currently operating one of the largest palm oil mills in Thailand which produces crude palm oil with byproducts which are used as biomass fuel materials like mesocarp fibre, palm kernel shell and EFB fibre.

Why we do it

Healthy Glove’s vision is to be a global provider of reliable and affordable hand protection solutions that meet all the relevant and applicable quality standards for medical, industrial and food handling applications.

Our mission is to be lowest cost and most efficient glove manufacturing company in this region. We want to offer products with consistent quality at very competitive costs, supported by superior customer care and customer education.

Healthy Glove is keeping close tabs on the ever-changing and dynamic glove market and business environment. We try to recognize and identify end-user expectations. Our professional and dedicated sales and marketing teams will serve our distributors and their customers with the right products, continuous educational, sales and technical support.

Why choose us

  1. i. Our Management team - The Healthy Glove management team is comprised of savvy entrepreneurs and industry experts; bringing years of experience to a young company. The team will cultivate our strong culture and work towards goal and succeed.

  2. ii. Price- Being part of the big supply chain of the two of the main components (rubber and biomass fuel materials) in the rubber glove industry, Healthy Glove believes it has the competitive edge and cost advantage over existing glove manufacturers, arising from the synergy in its operations and material sources. These factors may help to reduce extreme price fluctuations and sudden price hike to allow better cost and price management for the customers.

  3. iii. Quality Gloves – Since Healthy Glove is getting its latex from Sritong Rubber Latex, we are able to manage better the quality consistency of the main raw material at the source.

  4. iv. Customer Service- Healthy Glove is managed by a team of highly professional, experienced and knowledgeable managers with most of them having more than 10 years of direct working experience in the glove industry from various fields such as operations, manufacturing, machinery technology, process technology, product development and marketing.

  5. v. Training and Technical support- we are looking at our customers as our partners hence any news or customers request for technical support we will provide.

  6. vi. Continuous development – we will evaluate the effectiveness of our works and continually improve our system. All employees are treating equal importance hence new ideas and suggestions are encourage at all level.

  7. vii. Social comply – we are complying with all local, nation and international laws. We also care about human rights of our employess.

  8. viii. Environment – we surrounded by the greenery it is important for us to keep and care of what will be happing to our environment.


LATEX - Latex gloves still have widely demand in the people due to their desirable features of comfort, elasticity, flexibility, and barrier function against potentially infectious materials.


NITRILE – An alternative material for making gloves is the Nitrile material. Nitrile glove is an ideal glove of allergies of protein in latex gloves. Nitrile gloves are considered as puncture resistant and resistant to chemical.


Latex non-sterile powdered gloves

The glove is using dusting powders as a lubricant for facilitating donning and to avoid sticking of the glove together. Latex non-sterile powdered gloves contains of 2 types that are examination and multipurpose gloves.


Latex non-sterile examination powder free

We are providing two types of powder free process that are with polymer coating for smooth donning and with chlorinated process with has an intensive washing process, thus the glove is lesser explosion from the risks associated with powdered and protein levels.



An alternative material for making gloves is the Nitrile material. Nitrile glove is an ideal glove of allergies of protein in latex gloves. Nitrile gloves are considered as puncture resistant and resistant to chemical.



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